Getting Started


  1.  Please be sure you sign up for an account on a computer and NOT a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.).
  2. You MUST use a Computer to access the Teacher Platform of
    RockOutLoud.Live. Mobile Devices can ONLY BE USED BY YOUR  STUDENTS by installing the ROCKOUTLOUD app found in the App Store or Google Play!
  3. The RockOutLoud.Live Platform can be used on a PC, Mac, Laptop or
    Chromebook running Google Chrome.
  4. Are you using Google Chrome?
  5. If you are not using Google Chrome on your PC, Mac, Laptop or Chromebook please download and install it HERE.
  6. The RockOutLoud.Live application will NOT work on any other browser (I.E. Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc.).

If you are a Teacher using the RockOutLoud.Live platform, you will not be able to run this application on any Mobile Devices. Due to the amount of resources you have inside the application the only way a teacher can use the RockOutLoud.Live app is by using Google Chrome on a PC, Mac, Laptop or Chromebook.

The Sign Up Process

Please be sure you sign up for an account on a computer and NOT a mobile device (iPad,
iPhone, Android etc.).

RockOutLoud.Live offers a FREE Version. Our FREE Version offers our exclusive PDF Upload technology that allows you to Upload any PDF file Located on your computer, directly into your lesson and the PDF is sent (in REAL-TIME) directly to your student on their device where they can download and print it out!

No more emailing ‘Mom or Dad’ after a lesson in hopes they print it out for their child!

To Sign up: Visit https://RockOutLoud.Live and select Plans and Pricing

Signing up for our FREE Teacher License

FREE Teacher License: Allows you to use the RockOutLoud.Live platform and use our exclusive PDF Uploader which allows you to select a PDF on your computer and it will be sent to your student in Real-Time. Your Student will be able to Download this PDF file you uploaded and save it to their computer, laptop, Chromebook or mobile device.

Limitations of the FREE Teacher License

Teachers who use the FREE Teacher License will not have their own custom URL (link used to send to your students). This means each time you want to start a Virtual Music Lesson you need to Logon to your account, enter your username and password and Create your Virtual Room.

Using the FREE Version means you will need to create a Virtual Teaching Room each time you want to teach a lesson. A ONE-TIME Teaching Room ID is randomly generated and will be used for your ONE-TIME Virtual Lesson. Once you have finished teaching in the room, your room [Teaching Room ID] cannot be reused.  If you want to teach another lesson you will need to log back in to your FREE Account and Create a [NEW] Virtual Teaching Room where you will see a NEW Teaching Room ID Generated.

Signing Up for a Single or Multi-Instrument Account.

Signing up for an account requires you do it on a Web Browser on a
computer, laptop or Chromebook.

You CANNOT Sign Up on a Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone or Android)

Clicking on the SIGN UP link in the MENU will bring you to the Create an account Page.

Selecting Single Teacher License will prompt you to select the Instrument you will be teaching.

Selecting Multi-Instrument License will select all of the available Instruments. This option was created for teachers who teach more than one instrument. *

*Note that all 6 rooms are selected by default. These options are included in the Multi-Instrument License and cannot be removed. If you do not need these instruments simply do not use them.

Once you’ve selected your plan, hit NEXT

Here you will enter your Credit Card Info. Credit Cards are NOT stored on our servers.

Your Credit Card will NOT be charged until the 8th Day. If you get a notification from your Credit Card Company about a charge, it is a verification that you have a valid card on file and you will not be charged until the 8th day (after your 7-Day Free Trial). You can cancel any time before the 8th day and you will not be charged.

MY ROOM (Paid Subscribers Only)

As a paid subscriber you can change your teaching room name at any time. To do so, go to MY ACCOUNT and select MY ROOM.

Please be sure your Teaching Room ID is all lowercase letters. Uppercase/Capital Letters will cause issues on mobile devices.